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Limited Time – Epic Black Friday Savings


The day after Thanksgiving has become synonymous with epic deals and doorbuster sales – it’s Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year in the US. Retailers pull out all the stops with deep discounts and special promotions to kick off the holiday shopping season and get customers to spend. It’s a limited-time chance to save big on all your gift list items and splurge on coveted items for yourself, best Black Friday deals With the right strategy and preparation, you can make the most of this shop palooza and get your hands on those must-have items before they sell out. Let’s explore the history and hysteria behind Black Friday, tips to maximize your deals, and some of the best savings you can score. Happy shopping!

History of Black Friday

Origin of the term Black Friday

Despite its name evoking doom and gloom, the term “Black Friday” actually originated from the accounting practice of recording losses in red and profits in black. Retailers hope to be “in the black” after the busy shopping day, turning a profit before the year is out. The name also references horrendous traffic conditions and crowded sidewalks on the day after Thanksgiving as shoppers flooded stores. In Philadelphia, police officers used the term “Black Friday” to describe the headaches and hassles they dealt with from road congestion. While the origins aren’t positive, Black Friday stuck and is now synonymous with hot deals.

Evolution into the biggest shopping day of the year

What was once just a busy shopping day has evolved into a major annual event and the unofficial kick-off to the holiday buying season. Retailers noticed customers flocking to stores the day after Thanksgiving and saw an opportunity. By offering deep discounts on coveted items, they hoped to get people to spend early and frequently. Deals started appearing in local ads, encouraging people to go shopping.

Best Sellers in Watches

Over time, retailers started opening earlier and earlier, eventually reaching midnight openings. Recently, Black Friday has morphed into a week-long event both online and in-store. Retailers now stagger deals and continuously replenish hot ticket items to create a frenzy. They whip shoppers into a buying craze with time-limited flash sales and ticking countdown clocks. With carefully planned scarcity and FOMO driving demand, Black Friday retains its major place in retail and signals the peak holiday shopping season.

Why Black Friday is So Big

Deep discounts and doorbuster deals

The main draw of Black Friday is the unbeatable deals. Retailers offer deep discounts, with savings often between 20-60% off desirable items. Special doorbuster deals offer eye-catching prices on best-selling and hot ticket products. This creates buzz and gets shoppers lining up in the wee hours to snag deals before quantities run out. Retailers use these loss leaders as bait, hoping shoppers purchase additional items at full price once inside. The prospect of scoring coveted items for a fraction of the cost is why thrifty shoppers eagerly await Black Friday.

Kicks off the holiday shopping season

Since Black Friday often provides the year’s best prices, it has become the marquee event to shop for holiday gifts. Shoppers can knock out most of their gift list in one fell swoop. Many consumers even schedule time off work and plan their Thanksgiving activities around Black Friday shopping. The convenience of getting everything at once, alongside festive hype and spirits, turns bargain hunting into an annual tradition for families and friends. For retailers, the holiday season accounts for 20-30% of annual sales, so they rely on Black Friday to get shoppers spending big.

FOMO – don’t want to miss out on deals

Scarcity and competition drive the sense of urgency around Black Friday. With time-limited offers and low stock levels, shoppers rush to stores early so as not to miss out. No one wants to pay full price later when products are just on sale at rock-bottom prices. Retailers further whip shoppers into a frenzy by showing ticking countdown clocks, growing waitlists, and the number of people viewing or buying an item. Limited quantity doorbusters create competitive mayhem, with shoppers battling to grab the last item. This fear of missing out has shoppers arriving hours early and even camping outside stores just for Black Friday deals.

Black Friday Shopping Tips and Strategies

To make the most of the shopping chaos, having a game plan is key. Use these tips to prep and strategize:

Make a list and set a budget

Overspending is commonplace on Black Friday due to the abundance of tempting deals. If you want to avoid making unnecessary purchases, make a list of what you need.

Check ads and plan your attack

Get the inside scoop on upcoming deals by checking retailer ads online. This lets you scope out the best doorbusters and discounts in advance. Make a map of stores and identify where the best deals are. Factor in store opening times when coordinating your shopping attack route.

Timing is everything

For hot ticket items, being first in line is crucial. Check retailer websites and ads for opening times – some open at midnight! Show up early to get ahead of the crowds. Have one person wait in line while others can shop for non-doorbuster items. Go for practical items first, as prices will only get better with time. Check for online versus in-store price differences.

Prepare for crowds and craziness

With hoards of other shoppers, Black Friday shopping can be overwhelming. Charge your phone fully so you don’t lose contact with your group. Dress in layers to be prepared for long lines outside. Bring water and snacks to stay energized. Don’t leave purchases unattended in your cart. Make a plan if you get separated from your group. Expect the mayhem and try to enjoy the shared experience!

Deals to Watch For

Retailers offer jaw-dropping discounts across every department. Here are some of the best savings you can expect:


Massive demand for new televisions makes Black Friday an ideal time for upgrades. Look for bargains on top brands like Samsung, Sony and LG. Score enormous screen sizes, feature-packed smart TVs, and advanced display technologies at 50% or more off retail prices.


Black Friday laptop deals abound, especially on older-generation models. Look for current-gen laptops at $100-300 markdowns. Expect even deeper discounts, often $500 or more, on previous-generation laptops from top makers like Apple, Lenovo, HP, and Dell.

Smart home devices

Retailers deeply discount smart home tech for Black Friday to encourage adoption and brand loyalty. Look for all-time low prices on Alexa and Google Assistant speakers. Security cameras, video doorbells, smart thermostats, and lighting see major markdowns as well.

Clothing and shoes

Apparel retailers offer deep discounts on all the hottest trends for Black Friday. Look for extra percentage-off coupons on sale items in-store for more savings at major apparel retailers. For shoes, deals can reach up to 60% off for high-demand athletic and casual styles.


Toy makers and retailers aim for blowout sales ahead of the holidays. Look for discounts of up to 50% off Lego sets, board games, dolls, bikes, STEM toys, and more. Playsets and exclusives for hot toy brands and characters will be marked down substantially.

Video games

From modern consoles to just-released games, the latest in gaming sees steep price cuts on Black Friday. Look for deals bundling consoles with multiple games and accessories for big savings. Individual games can be as much as 50% off for recent top hits.

Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

With Black Friday expanding online, you may wonder what makes Cyber Monday different. Here are the key distinctions:

Where do we draw the line

Cyber Monday, inspired by Black Friday, is an online-only shopping holiday. These two occurrences have recently become one. Cyber Monday, on the other hand, is centered on online retailers rather than traditional stores, and it typically has better technology deals.

When to shop when

The best approach is to shop both for the widest selection of deals. Buy hot items in-store on Black Friday before they sell out. Then look for additional discounts on electronics and digital goods during Cyber Monday sales. Check if brands are holding any online-specific promotions for Monday.

Key takeaways

  • Black Friday has evolved into a week-long shopping event with deep discounts across every category. Use preparation and strategy to maximize deals
  • Look for doorbuster savings of up to 60% off on coveted tech, retailers’ biggest markdowns of the year
  • Earlier than ever store openings, limited quantities, and time-sensitive deals create a frenzied, competitive atmosphere
  • Make a list, check ads early, and line up ahead of crowds to score the best Black Friday deals

Final thoughts

Avoid buyer’s remorse by setting a budget and sticking to items you truly want. Take advantage of bargain prices but beware of impulse shopping in the heat of the moment. With the right focus, tenacity, and energy, you can knock out a huge chunk of your holiday shopping during Black Friday sales. Just don’t forget to take breaks, stay hydrated, and relish in the thrill of the hunt for deals. Happy Black Friday bargain hunting!

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When is Black Friday in 2023?

Black Friday in 2023 falls on the day after Thanksgiving, which is November 24th.

When do Black Friday sales start?

Originally on Friday only, Black Friday has expanded into a week-long or even month-long sale at many retailers. Early online deals now start in early November. In-store deals typically kick off on Thursday evening.

What’s the best time to go Black Friday shopping?

For doorbusters, go as early as possible, even late on Thanksgiving night at stores with midnight openings. Early Friday morning around 7-8 a.m. is key. Later in the day on Friday, crowds thin out but so does inventory.

What sells out quickest on Black Friday?

The most in-demand doorbusters like TVs, game consoles, and tech see stock sellouts the fastest. Only limited quantities are offered at deep discounts. Popular toy and apparel items also have low stock levels. Go early and be prepared to wait.

Should I shop Black Friday online or in-store?

Both! If crowds aren’t an issue, shop in person on Black Friday for the best selection and to secure hot doorbuster deals. Then continue deal hunting online through the weekend into Cyber Monday as more deals emerge.